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. >>> and next, why tomorrow's raiders game with philly is so big. terrelle pryor knows why as he gets ready to play a coach jalapeÑos, bacon, tomato and avocado. pepp, i call it, "the avocado da vinci". create your om'lart with denny's build your own omelette menu. to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. piedmont is fighting a crime wave by putting security cameras along the borders. the police department won't say where the cameras are located, but there will be a lot of them. wayne freedman has the story. >> around the out lying intersections in piedmont, look up. george orwell may have called these the eyes of big brother. but not others in this ideal city. >> i think we need big brother to watch us now. >> we have had our highest crime rate in the past eight years. i
's check out sports. the raiders take center stage in the coliseum with the 49ers off this weekend. the silver and black hosts the philadelphia eagles at the coliseum with a chance to get to .500 on the year. kickoff 1:05. yesterday cal tried to win their first pac-12 game of the year against arizona. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the cal bears looked like they might break their six-game losing streak yesterday hosting arizona, but it was not to be. this is becoming a long season for cal players, coaches and fans. jared is learning a lot in this freshman season. goes one way and to kenny. 17 yards for his first career touchdown. cal down 5 at the half. third quarter, lawler makes the spectacular catch. three td catches on the day. bears down 26-21. but right before the quarter ends, bj with his third rushing touchdown of the game. denker, 262 yards in the air, 44 on the ground. sunny's expression says it all. cal falls to 1-8. 0-6 in pac-12 play with the loss to arizona. >> losing is the worst feeling ever, and even though i had
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. we will have the latest kpix traffic coming up. >>> good morning everybody. the raiders had a top ten nfl defense entering their game with the eagles. well, what happened to it? fitting that john maddon was there because it looked like a video game. nick foles tied an nfl record with seven touchdown passes. the raiders' defense had to answer for foles who had previously started just eight nfl games before yesterday afternoon. they blew out the silver and black 49-20. the raiders are now 3-5. >>> scary moment from houston. texans coach gary kubiak collapses during halftime. he was taken to a local hospital. he was listed in stable condition last night. he never lost consciousness. he did not have a heart attack. >>> andrew luck led a 4th quarter come back and the colts beat the texans 27-24? alex smith and the chiefs remain undefeated. a big help from the defense. a pick six at the goal line. one of two chiefs defensive touchdowns. they are 9-0. they win 23-13. >>> and in harding park perry clenched the season. but the tournament belonged to fred couples who coasted to his ninth win.
on sunday night football. we will show it to you. and one unit for the raiders forgot to show up yesterday. sports coming up. >>> and what's cool about your school? you can e-mail your nomination to us at coolschools we may feature your school on the show. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. coldbefore the first sneeze help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray and use lysol no-touch hand soap for 10x more protection with each wash. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing. ,,,, >>> good morning. it's your monday, back to work commute. so far there is not much to slow you down. here is 101 traffic near mickey. we will have the latest kpix traffic plus weather in just a few minutes. >>> two groups of skydivers were 12,000 feet above the ground when their planes collided over wisconsi
and novado. if you're going to go to the oakland raiders game? 60s and mostly clear and my guilt. with your your kron 4 7 day around the bay >> jacqueline: my adult --. -- and a slight chance of mild >> some parents and the sacramento suburbs are of finding that an elementary school are finding that it is a up parents are calling a victimizing position. >> this frees position has already been discontinued at this unified school district. they say that it is still taking place and they are siding for what is right for these children. when recess ends the bell will ring and they are told to put their hands on their kneecaps. >> why are we preparing these children to take is up mission position? >> reporter: this was after a complaint. they feel that this is a victimization. >> my daughter assumed this position and perhaps 10 minutes? >> ash you can see from this picture not everybody is in the position at the same time but it is supposed to calm kids down. but these mothers want this position and. >> i do see a better position we are doing eight different opposition. >> the spokesperson says
and fremont. morgan hill coming in at 68. fur going to the raiders game, grab a jacket. it will be breezy. just about 601:05. 4:00 maybe a couple degrees warmer. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a cool night tonight. maybe some frost by monday knight into tuesday morning when you will see the temperatures moderate. the next system just bringing in clouds, cooler numbers and hopefully rain by next weekend. last year we had a ton of rain and snow in november and d.c. so we are just well behind. >> we are just starting november, so perhaps. >> that's right. we will be optimistic. >> thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. the raiders take center stage in the coliseum with the 49ers off this weekend. the silver and black hosts the philadelphia eagles at the coliseum with a chance to get to .500 on the year. kickoff 1:05. yesterday cal tried to win their first pac-12 game of the year against arizona. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the cal bears looked like they might break their six-game losing streak yesterday hosting arizona, but it was
for the oakland raiders has apologized for the obscene gesture he made on the field in sunday's game against the steelers. now, he made that gesture twice while protesting a referee's call in the third quarter of the raiders' 21-18 win over the steelers. there it is. he says he was in the heat of the moment. he now regrets what he did. well, the national football league is reportedly considering a hefty fine. it could be tens of thousands of dollars. >>> a meeting will be held about the money problems of the moraga orinda fire district. according to a financial audit, the district failed to reserve more than $2 million in general fund reserves. the mine was supposed to be use -- money was supposed to be used to repay debt. earlier, officials decided they were gonna cut daily staffing from 19 down to 17. that's expected to save about $550,000 this fiscal year. >>> it is 7:11. jury deliberations start today in the trial of 18-year-old max wade. he's the teen charged with stealing the luxury car of a celebrity chef and also of attempted murder. yesterday, celebrity chef guy fieri testified he n
to gary radnich about major league baseball's latest proposal and the tough night for the raiders. >>anny: welcome back. the new york city marathon returned after a one-year absence with big crowds heightened security and a familiar champion. jeffrey-- geoffrey mutai successfully defended his title while fellow kenyan priscah jeptoo came canceled because of the devastation of superstore sandy but not before many new yorkers were enraged by initial plans to hold the race. erase and drew a record of more than 50,000 people to start the race. including jesus. spotted at the deer city marathon. this guy and costume got the attention of many people along the 26.2 mi. route. the side of the messiah on monday park did see of runners was reported by dozens of witnesses many of homes now the spot and hem into graeme, facebook and to enter. the tweets were great one said " this is how jesus and his son is while you're at church. and " i just saw jesus running the new york city marathon for your sins. " but the facebook dock,/kron4 for kron4 dot com or you can check out the photos. >>george: welcome
as the longest run in raider history. there goes collin capper nick. ran for 2 touchdowns in the 49ers' run 42-10. they head into the bye week, and they are riding high with a 5-game win streak. >>> alex may lock made his first start for the sharks in ottawa. won of 5 san jose goals. they beat the senators 5-2. the sharks have the most points in the nhl as they collected their 10th win of the season. that's it, everybody. don't forget, know frank won't, another world series game tonight. have a great day. >>> don't look like a frank. >> go back to london for play of the day. look closely. they are out of order. the r and the second a are in each other's places. so the flags fell. >> dagurez. >> maybe should try that. >> that is play of the d-a-y. >> they got some coverage. >>> the justice department is responding to complaints. says rainwater is considered a pollutant. the runoff from the car crashes -- car crashes are over grassy areas as long as no soapy water goes into storm drains. >>> the price of milk might be costing more. members of the house, senate will be debating renewal of the fa
is a coliseum. football is back. eagle necessary town to take on the raiders. we should see partly cloudy conditions, breezy with temperatures in the low 60s. let's take a look at that accuweather seven-day forecast. daylight saving ends tomorrow night. set those clocks back and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. sunday and monday, probably the coolest days in the forecast. a little bit of a bump tuesday and wednesday and a slight chance of rain possibly temperatures night. for now, it's going to remain dry. >> hi, mike. we've got one problem in milpedes. i'll goat to problem in just a one moment. as you take a look right now, making that drive in the westbound direction, 5 miles per hour along 205 just as you come up to 580. once you get into the pass, speed does pick up and you are going to see a pretty clear drive as you make it into livermore and pleasanton. we have a sig alert that will be around until approximately 6:00 this morning. between one and two lanes are blocked off right now. this is due to an earlier fatal accident in the construction zone. unfortunately one of
. >> raiders defensive coordinator jason tarver could be facing a fine from the nfl for an obscene gesture directed at the officials during yesterday's win over the steelers. tarver was caught on television flipping the bird toward the officials after a flag was thrown on cornerback mike jenkins for a hit to the head of pittsburgh running back le'veon bell. >> its that time of year again! basketball is finally here. the golden state warriors open the regular season wednesday at the oracle arena. warriors point guard steph curry says he's ready to go. lined we just want to get our bodies are ready and our minds ready for what we need to do. we are looking forward to it. we have lost the last two home openers. we look forward to starting on a better position. >> the warriors' opener regular-season tomorrow against the lakers. >> tiger woods and rory mcilroy a grand entrance to their 18 hole exhibition in china "the match at mission hills" on the back nine at the blackstone course they matched eagles and three birdies. mcilroy caught woods with a birdie on the 14th, and pulled ahead on the 17
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12